Monday, June 18, 2012

A Divine Change Has Come!

Suddenly:  A Divine Change Has Come!
by Henry J. Falcone

The wind of change has come! It is time for the "suddenlys" to appear. Many have you been waiting patiently for my words to come forth. Some have waited a life time, but the time of the "divine suddenlys"is upon you.

I am changing things. I am uprooting things. I am pulling down things. I am destroying things that are not of me in you so I can build and plant. If I left it to your "timing" you won't make it. So I have to accelerate things in your life and bring them forth suddenly.

Who will be able to ride with me on their white horses in the approaching day of my Kingdom reign? Who will know how to blow with the wind of my Holy Spirit in their swift changing directions in these last days?

Everything that can be shaken is being shaken so that which can't be shaken can remain. That is what my suddenlys will bring forth in you life. The removal of all that is not of me. The establishment of my Kingdom in your life. The wind is going to increase in some of you that hearts are hard against the change I must bring, the wind will be severe and seem like a hurricane in your life. But I must do this to save you and to ensure that you bear fruit and your fruit will remain.

Look at my servant Job. Did not those things come upon him in my suddenlys, but I say look at the end of Job. He was doubly blessed and he said of me, "before I have known about you with the hearing of the ear, but now I have met you face to face.

Position yourself for the winds of change. Those of you who have been cooperating with me and allowing me to do my work in your innner most heart, this day will not come upon you like a thief in the night. This wind and season of change will be like the cool south winds blowing upon you.

You have not denied my Name nor have you resisted the changes I had to do in your heart. These suddenlys are about to position you to be in the right place at the right time. These suddenlys are going to bring forth supernatural power and provision from my presence and My Glory. You will be like Sons of Oil to those whose light has gone out.

To you my wise virgins this season is the one that will cause you heart to leap with excitement for all things are now ready. You will go forth to highways and byways and compel them to come into My House, for all things are now ready. You will move so fluently with me it will as if you were a wheel within a wheel.

The shift has come, the wind of God has once again change direction and the season of divine suddenlys has come. Today you will be in one place but by Spirit I will show you must be somewhere else speedily. This is the time of my supernatural wisdom and direction so you know where you need to be there and what you need to do there. You will not miss it. The work will not fail. There won't be fear and doubt because your heart has been settled in faith during this time of transition and change.

Rejoice my love, my fair one and behold the the "new season of divine suddenlys. Your heart has been waiting all your life for this moment. To you that have not cooperated with me, I must tear down, root out, pluck out, kill and destroy every trace of stubbornness and rebellion against me and My word and plans for your life. This wind of change will be violent, forceful even to break up the hardest ground in the hardest heart. But in the end you will surrender and be transfigured with my Glory.

So don't turn around now less you become a pillar of salt like Lot's wife. Don't turn around now less I remove the candlestick from your midst for forsaking me your first love. Don't turn around now or I will have to fight against you with the breath of my nostrils. Don't turn around now to go through severe affliction because of your disobedience and rebellion.

Embrace the change. Embrace the new season of divine suddenlys. Embrace my will and workings in your heart. Then and only then will you be a people prepared for My Glory. And My Glory shall fill all the earth. Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord shall be seen upon you!

Flame of Fire Ministries