Friday, July 27, 2012

Calling All Intercessors!


16 He saw that there was no one, was amazed that no one interceded. Therefore his own arm brought him salvation, and his own righteousness sustained him. Isaiah 59:16 (CJB)

I am calling forth My intercessors to take their place in the battle.  There are many that are not in position and now is the time for you to take your place.  It is a time of high alert in the land and you are being called now to do battle for the souls of men.  Battles are taking place for the nations of the earth and the souls of men.  Now is the time for you to lay aside all that is not important and to spend time with Me that you might see and hear.  Then you can pray according to My Word and see the Word of the Lord go forth in the earth.  My Kingdom is within you.  I live within you.  Not for the pleasures of this world but to be that one I have called you to be.  Hear My voice and move into position.

I am the light of this world.  It is my light and fire that men must see and be saved.  I am calling you to pray men into the Kingdom of God.  Nations stand in the balance, souls stand in the balance and many are going to hell daily.  I say to you pray, and intercede for the souls of men and for all that are in authority over you.

You can see that battle has heated up greatly and there is gross darkness on the land.  The rights of those that are mine are being taken away daily and you must stand your ground, first in the prayer closet.  Be on high alert and vigilant.  Have your spiritual periscope up and searching for all that is not of me that you might defeat the enemy.  I would have your eyes staid on Me for only then as you truly fellowship with Me will you see and hear.

Be alert in prayer.  Wake up My church for many are yet asleep in the light.  Hard times are coming and the enemy would try and bring about a third world war.  Be alert and pray for the situation in the middle east.  The situation with Iran and Syria are a powder keg about to go off and you must pray.  Keep your eyes on Russia for it is again raising its head.  Call on Me and I will intervene as you move My hand in prayer.  There is great need for intercessors praying for Israel and you need to surround her with your prayers of intercession.  Pray that they have wisdom and come to the knowledge of the truth that indeed, I am their Messiah.

Pray for President Obama for wisdom and that he will come to hear My voice.  I have been speaking but He has not yet heard My voice.  Pray for the protection of those in authority that no weapon formed against the United States of America will prosper.  Pray that the spirit of Behemoth be brought down for it is arising worldwide.  Men have thought that they can do it their way and self must be brought down.  I am doing a work in the hearts of men but there is a red star rising and it is Russian and you must be in prayer concerning her for her position in the middle east is not by accident but by design.  There are those you that will be shown how to pray and take down the kingdoms of the enemy in corporate prayer.  Come together in corporate prayer.  I have designed you and created you for this time and hour. 

Be the prophetic intercessors that I have called you to be.  Shoot the arrows of My Word and hit the target.  Take the Word of God and fight for all that is good and true and decent for the spirit of deception is moving rapidly to deceive even the very elect if this were possible.  Pray for truth in the body of Christ to be revealed.  Pray for deliverance from deception.  If it were possible all could be deceived.  But My Spirit is all powerful and as you cry out for the truth of My Word you will see the deceptions of men.  Fear not that which I am speaking to you but fear the Lord and know that I am moving.  I am the light of the world the fire that needs to burn in the hearts of men.  Run this race with great care and diligence, putting aside all but that which is important for the Kingdom of God to be furthered in the earth.  Lay aside all that is not of Me.  Walk in love and let the love of Christ flow through you to the hearts of men.  Arise and let Me be your first love.

Prayer Alerts

Yesterday morning I heard the words, " behemoth is rising!. I searched out the scripture in the book of Job 40:15-25 and also Behemoth means something of oppressive or monstrous size, power, or appearance in Mirriam-Websters dictionary. The Lord also showed me a black submarine on the surface shortly afterwards.  Several hours later after praying He had me look and see that there was a Russian nuclear sub by that name and also other nations had subs of this kind as well.  Later that day I heard storm clouds were on the horizon and also the words, "red star rising".  As I searched online there was a photo of a Russian sub above surface very near a beach there.  All the people were going about their business as usual with but a very few even concerned.  Now is the time for man to wake up and realize that the cold war is not over.  We need to see with the eyes of the spirit so please pray accordingly.

We are entering a time of the 9th of Av. starting tomorrow evening.  It is a time throughout history where many catastrophes have happened throughout Jewish History.  Let us be prayerful during this time for Israel and also for the Israeli team at the 2012 Summer Olympics as it is a concern of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.   Also that God would have His way and touch the hearts of men and women in London, England.

Let us be praying for the drought and severe weather situations throughout the US and some of Canada.  Let us pray for a spirit of repentance to fill the hearts of men and that mercy of God would send rain first in the hearts of men and then on the land.  Scripture tells us that it rains on the just and the unjust.  Your prayers do make a difference so do not doubt but pray in faith believing.
Be praying for the body of the Lord Jesus Christ to arise and be all she has been called to be and that His glory would be seen in His people. 

Patricia Hamel

July 27, 2012 1:20 Eastern


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Federal government to appeal B.C. court ruling on doctor-assisted suicide

Federal government to appeal B.C. court ruling on doctor-assisted suicide

This is a SERIOUS issue for those that are disabled or critically ill and suffering with life threatening diseases.  Our heart goes out to all those that are going through suffering.  Yet, life is given by the Lord and only the Lord has the right to take a life.  Vulnerable Canadians need protection and doctor assisted suicide is totally wrong.  Let us keep this situation in prayer and also pray for those that are going through suffering. 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Standing Against The Jezebel Spirit

Standing Against The Jezebel Spirit

The day will come when you will find yourself in the pathway of one with the spirit of jezebel. Sometimes it is in a man but most often you will find this spirit working through a woman. It is a seducing spirit and one of control. This spirit when it discovers who you are in Christ becomes very underhanded attempting to tear down your work in the Lord. It tries to make you doubt who you are in Christ and is the accuser of the brethren.  You can never please the jezebel spirit or any evil spirit and you need to stand against it  and its arsenal of witchcraft.
Little innuendos that always puff themselves up, put you down by criticism and sow doubt spew out of their mouth toward you. They always have a better way of doing things. Out of the mouth of the unsaved it will say the word of God is past. No it is light and life and more up to date than today's newspaper. It will accuse what you are doing in Christ and even send another to spy you out when they are not capable of doing so themselves. Basically they despise the true things of God and when they find out you are a prophet or prophetess of the Lord all hell breaks loose. Up till that time they are controlling but then all the guns come out against you as its religious spirit attacks.
Beloved stand guard and be warned that as you come against this spirit you need to stand strong and do not back down.  Remember Elisha's victory as jezebel came tumbling down.  This is what  need to happen in the spirit realm.  That demon spirit can be torn down from the heavenlies being broken of regions as well as people as His church corporately intercedes for wisdom to deal with this spirit.  In the multitude of counselors there is safety and also wisdom.
Those that need delivered from this spirit will not be delivered unless they are willing to submit to those in authority over them, repent of their sin and walk in humility before God and man.  Only then can this spirit be cast out of them.  In some cases they first need to be born again by the Spirit of God.
This spirit will peck at you and put you down continually as it puffs the one with it up.  If you have an area of your life where you have difficulty or not done according to their perfectionist spirit they will peck at you as a woman who pecks at her husband constantly.  It looks for any area of weakness in your life.  It attacks the true prophet of God and we need to be warned again against it.
It can flatter to dig its talons into you and you need to be filled with the Spirit to fight this battle. Condemnation is one of its weapons and you need to refuse condemnation and thwart it in the name of Jesus.  Remember that there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.  (Romans 8:1)
Through the discerning of spirits God is revealing this spirit to His body and there are those that are discerning when it is in their midst. This spirit hated Elijah and did not like the all out assault he waged and won against the prophets of Baal and it does not like you.  Keep up your guard and ask Father God to send others your way also to help battle against this spirit.  It will often say, you do not have to be answerable to any man and no man is going to tell me what to do. It is in rebellion against all true authority set in the Word of God. The Spirit of God says the opposite, submit to those that are in authority over you, walk in humility and submit to one another in the fear of God, esteeming others better than themselves.

We are to walk in an opposite spirit in fear and submission to the Lord.  Praying without ceasing, in the spirit that we will know how to answer every man.  Jezebels Kingdom is coming down.  Arise and fight the battle being wise as serpents and harmless as doves.  The Lord is faithful and will help you to wage this war wisely and win. Christ will be exalted and the devils kingdoms are coming down.  We serve a God who is all powerful who has given us weapons of warfare to fight the battle and win.  We are over comers who walk covered by the blood of the Lamb and love not our lives to the death.  Stand in the power of the Lord your God, resist the devil and He will flee from you.  Victory is assured in Christ alone and by the blood of Jesus we overcome.  Overcome Beloved by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony.
Patricia Hamel
July 11, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

PROPHETIC INTERCESSION: True Prophetic: Nearly 1.8 million still without p...

PROPHETIC INTERCESSION: True Prophetic: Nearly 1.8 million still without p...: True Prophetic: Nearly 1.8 million still without power in eastern ... : Nearly 1.8 million still without power in eastern U.S. | CTVNews ...

Please pray for power to be restored to these homes and that the Lord use this situation for His glory.  Throughout many disasters we have heard of the goodness of the Lord in peoples lives so lets pray for them.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Word Of The Lord - July 2, 2012 With Prayer Alerts

WORD OF THE LORD - July 2, 2012
With Prayer Alerts

I am seeking a people that are wholly mine.   Those that have come out of the world and know their God.  It is time to come to Me my people and give me your all, holding nothing back.  You can see the hour in which you are living and the perils that are before you each and every day.  Turn to me my people and open up your hearts that I might do a lasting work in you.  No longer will I settle for lip service but I am looking to you and searching you that I might find a servants heart.  

Have I not made it clear to my people that I am longsuffering and not willing that any should perish?  Have I not made it clear that you need to get rid of the sin in your life?  I am speaking to My children because of my great love for you.  I am not willing that one should perish.  I am calling you to come forth and be all you have been called to be.  I am speaking to you to come forth and stand before Me.  Humble your hearts and turn it all over to Me.  Many of you are withholding your hearts from Me and this greatly saddens me that you will not give your all to Me.  I have given all for you.  Open your hearts My children, cry out to Me for I will forgive your sins.  I will heal your diseases and I will walk with you.  Give your whole heart to Me while there is time.

Nations are in disarray and hanging in the balance.  Swords have been drawn on many sides and it is not long before great war takes place in the nations of the earth.  Men are planning for battle but I say to you I have prepared you for myself and will be your hiding place even in the battle.  Turn all over to Me.  Pray for your nation and pray for the gates that have been opened through sin as they have given access to the enemy. These gates need to be shut through intercession and I am looking for intercessors that will come to Me and call on Me standing in the gap for the sin of your nation.

 Even in New York the enemy has sought to come in and destroy again.  I say to you that narrow is the way that leads to life and broad is the way that leads to destruction.  I am calling you children, the apple of My eye to come forth and stand in the gap.  Stand in the place of that intercessor and call on Me.  The enemy is seeking to come in even into your city and the destroyer has placed himself to strike again.  Intercession can stop this.  The enemy wants war and when a man is at peace with His God peace will reign in a nation.  It is time for your nation to stop its dealings with the enemy and come and bow before Me.  It is time to let me rule and reign for I am the King of Kings and Lord of Glory.  I would rule in your nation and in the hearts of men.  

There is no redemption for the nation whose people do not turn to Me.  Intercession should be a joy and not a chore.  I am entreating you.  Come to Me.  Get busy and call a chosen fast and seek My face.  Call on the name of your redeemer for I am your God.  Call on Me and I will answer you. A nation can be spared with true repentance.  Bring forth true repentance.  Call on me and see if I will answer you.  Call on Me and I will hear you.  I am shaking that which can be shaken and there will be shaking in leadership in the natural and in the spiritual.  I am looking for one that is pliable in My hands.  They are few.  I am looking for leadership that will bend their will to mine and seek me in prayer for their nation. 

 You have not because you have asked not and when you have asked you have asked with wrong motives.  I seek the intents of the heart.  Call on Me and seek me for the enemy seeks to devour your nation.  He is seeking entrance to destroy but I say to you intercession can turn away the enemy from without and within.  Seek Me now and call on Me with your whole heart.  Repent of sin and you will win this battle.  Corporately there needs to be repentance.  Cry to Me and I will turn your nation around.  The key is to cry out, cry loud against sin and spare not.  Too many have made light of sin and I cannot look on sin for I am a Holy God.  Repent of sin, call a solemn fast and see if I can do a work in your nation.  The end is close and I say call on me for I am the Lord.   


Prayer Alerts to Pray for New York City.  The area of Broadway, Time Square and 42nd street have been brought to my attention by the Lord. 

Also  Emerald Isle, N.C.  whose waterway is an open gate for enemies of the United States to attack.  Intercessors need to shut this door in the spirit. 

The heat wave throughout the US is life threatening. Millions are without power.  God is trying to get our attention and often uses weather, and natural calamities as a means to do so.  Fires and drought have been allowed but are not God's desire for a nation who walks with the Lord.  God is speaking through these natural circumstances that it is time to repent and turn fully to the Lord.

14 If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. 2 Chr. 7:14 (AMP)