Saturday, January 28, 2012

World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

Canadian Prophetic Voice
World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

Prime Minister Harper attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this past week.  He has an huge responsibility upon his shoulders and the burden is not an easy one.  Let us pray and intercede for him to have godly wisdom in the decisions he must make and also realize that with his majority government comes an awesome responsibility to the Canadian people.

It was mentioned at the meetings that there would be eventual changes coming to the Canadian Pension Act.  Many are concerned that the age of receipt of one’s old age pension could be changed from sixty-five to sixty seven of age and this would seriously and adversely affect many lives. 

There are those who are already on lesser income where one partner in a marriage has already retired and husbands of almost seventy are still have to work at some job to make ends meet. Their wives are in some cases not yet receiving any pension due to being younger and yet unable to work. Some of those have no income of their own.  These people will be seriously affected by an adverse change to the Canadian Pension Act in having to work more years before they can finally retire.  There are definitely other cuts to wasteful spending that the government can put into place first. 

I spoke to one woman only yesterday who had to pay additional income tax at tax time when she only receives a small pension. Another employee of the Government of Canada has just found out that the amount they had previously planned on at retirement is now altered and they are now wondering how they will manage to live. 

Should seniors in their old age who have paid taxes all their lives and even fought in wars have to be concerned and struggle when they need to retire with peace and dignity?  Even going into a senior’s residence or retirement home is far beyond the means of many.  So…what do we do to protect Canada’s seniors.  

How does the Lord see our nation in the care of its seniors?.  How do you see it?  We need to keep  praying for those in authority over us, that have received their mandate from the Canadian people. In the 
end it is because of you the Canadian people that they were elected with a majority Government.  The scripture says that God puts in leaders and He removes them. There is a need to govern with a Godly hand, seeking the Lord in their decision making.

Canada we have our work cut out for us. It is our responsibility as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to seek the Lord and pray for our government as they lead our nation in this twenty-first century. Pray for our seniors that they will be treated fairly and receive a just return for that which they have sown into this nation.  My own Dad, now deceased was a Canadian Military Officer and WWII Veteran.  They did not shrink from their responsibility but ran toward their duty as Canadians to protect this nation.  Let us do the same and do battle in our prayer closets for the decisions made in any change in the Canadian Pension Act. 

Let us pray that He (Jesus) will have dominion from sea to sea and from the rivers to the end of the earth.  The Lord has His eye on Canada and has divinely placed those in Canada who are a part of His Apostolic government in the body of Christ and we must not be silent but intercede, and speak the mind and heart of the Father in this hour. Continue to  pray and  seek His face that Canada might repent and find favor in the eyes of the Lord.

Patricia Hamel
28 January 2012