Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today Is The Start Of The Crown And First Nations Gathering in Ottawa

We need to be praying as the Government of Canada and the First Nations leaders meet in Ottawa.  One could hear the heart of the First Nations People as National Chief Shawn Atleo shared his vision. There is a wide gap between the vision of the crown and that of the First Nations people. It must be narrowed for lasting change to take place.  The matter of what to do with the Indian Act of 1876 needs to be seriously looked at and big changes made.

The Lord Jesus Himself has a plan for a lasting solution and moving forward. He needs the preeminence in these meetings. Hurts are deep, though the Canadian Government has extended an apology to the First Nations people which has paved the way for these meetings. 

Let us pray for a sincere foot forward on behalf of the government of Canada in every area
and also that the First Nations leaders be able to receive.  Wisdom is needed as these
meetings progress, more wisdom than either side has to offer.  The wisdom of the Lord
is needed.  Let us pray that both sides walk in humility one towards the other.

Patricia Hamel
January 24, 2011