Sunday, January 12, 2014

Not Without Purpose

Not Without Purpose

All that you are going through is not without purpose.  The pain and suffering has a far more eternal weight of glory.  Sickness is never easy.  It can be very lonely when others have not walked in your shoes and do not seem to understand.  There is always that voice that says, you should be healed.  There is healing in the name of Jesus and the Lord does want to heal us from sickness and disease for it is not from the Lord.  Yet, God does allow it.  God does use it for His purposes and what the enemy means for evil the Lord turns for good in our lifetime.  Truly it would be wonderful if all were healed.

One thinks of Joni Eareckson and her courageous battle over many years and the awesome testimony of the power of God in her life.  She is an example to so very many.  There are stages we go through when dealing with chronic illness and sometimes we have to just keep believing that God is God and that His purposes are higher than ours and at the same time, never give up hope of total healing in His way and timing. 

There are days when it seems dark, especially when one is going through suffering in the winter months.  The only sun that is shining can be in our hearts and His name is Jesus.  For those living in the northern hemisphere life can at times be so very difficult.  The snow, freezing cold temperatures and lack of sunshine are at times hard to bear.  Plainly many of us live here but are spring and summer people at heart.

 Remember each day brings us one day closer to spring and summer when the sun will shine a lot longer and there will be heat and warmth again.  In the meantime let us remember that even in the winter months Jesus is here working in your heart and life and He has not forgotten where you are living.  Take this time to seek Him in a greater way and remember that He, Jesus is the sunshine in your life.  Take time to pray, for God hears even those simple little prayers and they do go up before the throne of heaven and reach His ears.

 Plainly God is saying, my child do not give up for I hear you and know your heart.  I have seen the disappointments of life and you must go forward knowing you are mine.  Keep trusting in me child and see even in the deep of winter that my heart has not taken my eye from you.  Trust that you are mine and hold on even in the storms of life.  I am the anchor of your soul..  I am your rock and your salvation.  Hold on to me even in the dark night hours when lack of sleep due to pain seems unbearable.  Lean on Me and allow me to hold you in My arms.  You are mine and I will never forsake or leave you.

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.  Genesis 8:22