Sunday, April 1, 2012

Word of the Lord April 2012 by Phyllis Ford - There is a part here for Canada

Word of the Lord April 2012
Phyllis Ford
Arlington, Texas

Romans 13:10-12 Love works no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. 11 And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake * out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. 12 The night is far spent * , the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.”

1 Corinthians 15:34 Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame.

Ephesians 5:14 Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.

“There will be upheaval, coming trouble and great uncovering. Yet in the midst of it, I am raising up a people that will quickly implement stop gap measures and release strategies to initiate my plans with strength and conviction to further establish the kingdom. These will be accomplished by my army of warriors that are now gathering and developing so that they may prepare for the coming days ahead. They will be armed with my glory and my grace. They will be able to do battle and war with the enemies of this hour as they wield their swords of My truth and wisdom to cut away every lie, every false idol, and every evil work that the enemy has planted among my people.”

“My people will walk in new strategies that are now being revealed. These strategies will be found among My people who have been tried in fiery trials of affliction and they are coming forth ready to execute kingdom order in the days, even months ahead. Watch for them, watch for them, they are coming now.”

“I am raising Joseph companies who will carry my wisdom and inspire my people to dream again, who with My eyes will see famine from afar. They will construct, out of the hands of compassion and a heart of wisdom, storehouses and places of refuge.”

“I am raising Esther companies who have been purified with fragrances of fasting and intercession, to transform cities as well as save lives through times of watching and prayer as they decree, declare and rule with My scepter of light, even through the night.”

“I am raising up an Apostolic & Prophetic company who will counsel kings. They will prepare and expand the prophetic camp of the Lord and restoration will once again be established. They will be a people who will hear the words that were spoken in the King’s bed chamber. They will be a people who have been called to speak into regions, governments, famine and Kings, and My prophets shall declare “What thus says the Lord,” in this hour, with great power.”

“I am raising up an Apostolic & Prophetic company who restore order in everything that pertains to Me in the church, in sound doctrine, and in kingdom administration. They will father many who have been orphaned, and those who have given up will receive a new surge of Faith being revived into their hearts.  This company of people will not be afraid to confront the evil that is being unleashed in this hour. They will look into darkness and command light. They will declare my righteous judgments that will occur saith the Lord. They will help the people to understand how these things line up with the events that are spoken in my word. I will also open doors of opportunity for them to minister in regions where are being called.”

“I will breathe life upon my Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers so that they may be filled with purpose and lead others into the light. They will be carriers of light and they will speak words of light into the hearts and minds of many and many will awake from their place of slumber and sleep.”

“You will see a release of miracles, healing, and manifestations of My anointing in this hour. Know that I, as your great High Priest, will carry you as my ephod into the Holy of Holies as My own. You will see with My eyes and hear with My ears, and understand with my heart, what is happening in this hour and what must be done.”

Prophetic Insights

The Lord spoke about this being a month of “passing through” and “awakening.” It is a time of passing through all the barriers and hindrances that have kept many off focus and even lead many captive. When I observed the biblical reference to this word, (passing through) Luke 4:30 says, “But he passing through the midst of them went his way.” This was Jesus when those who were about to thrust Him out of the city-He was in the midst of a dangerous situation—He passed through—this was a breaking through by way of divine intervention.

The other scriptural reference was Acts 8:39-40 Philip’s encounter as he ministered to the Ethiopian eunuch---they both went down in the water and Philip passed through to another region and went on to preach the gospel. The Lord said that people who can’t seem to break through the obstacles to get where they need to be will pass through. His assurance was that by His own Hand, He will cause His people to pass through and they will overcome that which has kept them back. Whether it be demonic, real or imagined. He will allow them to overcome and they will pass through.

April will be known for passing through, a transition but from a totally different perspective. It’s about moving forth into a better place. This is a realization that it’s time to change because it’s time to move into a different place on many levels. It’s about advancement, a moving forward because where we are---will no longer sustain us. We must learn how to progress into a more mature state through the realization of this kingdom awakening. (Many will see and say, wow, this is where I am, but now I’ve got to move on–it’s a coming out of spiritual slumber and having to act right away.) The Lord said, “This is why as you prepare, prepare for others because some will be just waking up.”

When the Lord began to share with me concerning about this season of “awakening” He spoke to me about it from several levels:

1.    He spoke about those who are coming out of a state of denial after seeing various situations such as; (present trouble in government, financial outlook, social upheaval and possible perils of war/ terrorism going on in the land). They are now coming into an awareness about what is going on around them. They are beginning to see how this relates to the spiritual and moral crisis of our day. These challenges are now being looked upon as being very serious. There is an awareness concerning those who are living in a way that has been void of a true personal relationship with Him. These situations are causing many to make serious decisions in their life about their true need for spiritual direction, protection, and change in their current lifestyles. It is almost as if they have come out of a sleep/slumber to move out of the stagnant areas of their lives into more productive pathway of life. He also spoke of those who were a rebellious people and will unfortunately refuse to hear the word in this hour.

2.    He said that during time that His remnant will advance in this hour and the awareness of His people will be at a heighten level. There will be strong confirmations within the hearts of His people that have been called before the foundations of the earth and they are about to walk in a place of power and dominion. The Lord said, This will be a sovereign work of His divine providence and a fulfillment of what He spoken in His word. This is just the beginning but we are about to see an acceleration of His divine plan. 

He said that, “The trump is being sounded!!” There is a calling unto His people and they will come forth--He also spoke about those who have been tried, tested but have not forsaken the work of God and are willing to go forth to complete the assignments that are being placed in their hands.

He went on to say:

“I am holding accountable present leadership and I am holding responsible ministers who have not prepared My people. They have instead gotten caught up in a type of politics within their pulpits by jockeying for position and power. Those who aren’t living out the purpose for which I called them, will be removed, released and brought down from their self-exalted positions of pride. I am looking for true hearts, yielded hearts, and hearts of compassion that will run the distance and not come up short. I will remove them from their place. I will take away the robes that once represented My righteousness and strip them from their duties and responsibilities. I am setting things in order, and surely My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations and as it is enlarged upon the earth, it will dispel areas of darkness.”

The word for those awaking out of a place of denial: 

“I am extending My hand of salvation and righteousness upon those of you who want it and need it in this hour. And I will establish that which has been severed by sin and the strongholds of religion. True relationship with me is the sure way to operate in a closer place; where I can administer my healing and restoration in righteousness that you so need right now. Your life with me can’t be established on your own terms, nor maintained by your own standards. These standards must be based on the truth and understanding of My word.” 

“For I desire to place within you: new hearts, new minds, and a spirit that has not been embittered with discouragements, frustrations and disappointments. These are the seeds that will hinder you from seeing and understanding what I am about to do. I am circumcising hearts so that my kingdom work will be directed towards my purposes and principles and not just based on your own plans. This is a time to walk circumspectly, wisely, keeping in mind that so much is at stake. Reach out to me. . . .Where I will pour out my grace and glory—it will touch you, change you and even transform you as you receive my presence and you will become more and more aware of where you will need to be to overcome the great challenges ahead.”

More shakings to come

“There will be more shakings to come and many will begin to fear that these things will never pass. These are just prophetic signs of the events that will take place in the midst of a rebellious house. A people who refuse to change, repent, nor hear My voice. They have refused to heed my warnings and are about to see the consequences of their actions which will not yield any remedies. I have been long suffering but they are about to see that there lies greater evil and greater trouble that will come because of what was in their hearts and imaginations.”

 “Now is a time of great reckoning and it will be an ultimate test of one’s character as to who you are and what is your real purpose. What you must do based on where you need to go is very important now. It is a time of coming out of a denial and a refusing to see the signs that are before you. So hear now, understand and acknowledge that the future of this nation and other nations are hanging in the balance. The garments that are being worn by those who refuse to mature in this season though they may have an outward appearance of being clean, know that now I am requiring a greater cleansing process.”

“Systems will continue to fail and even give way. Some to new and better ones but you must not faint and give up. PERSISTENT PRAYER is your road to preservation. It will provide the answers that you will need in a moments’ notice. Know that the enemy has not retreated but is lying in wait. Watch terrorism in your nation as well as London, and other European nations. The enemy is looking to strike now without warning or notice. They are already in various countries waiting and preparing to strike. Stay sober minded and vigilant.”

“There will be more and more uncovering between now and May 2012. Politically, and economically, and other government back door deals will be involved.” 

VISIONS  and  Special Intercession: 

The Lord told me to pray for Canada. He said, There was about to be a great shaking in that region and that they were in a valley of decisions. This was concerning who they will follow—whether they will be a sheep nation or goat nation. This is a crucial time to pray so that their alliances will be carried out in the right hands.

Vision--I saw a region where appeared to be in desolation and in need of much help. I saw much water covering certain areas, the Lord said the place was Bangladesh—I discerned famine. I prayed into a deep intercession. 

Prepare for Passover—The Lord said that during Passover to pray for Israel that His canopy of Righteousness and Light would spread over the land and the people. During that time He will visit His people with great Light. 

Watch for “suddenlies” throughout this month.

Vision--I saw a large meeting with men---but in the midst of it there was an attack and some who attended were injured. (The location of this was not made known to me). It appeared to be a bombing.

While in intercession:

1.    The Lord said, “War is looming over the nations now and it carries a spirit of fear and a plan to destroy those who are in its’ path.

2.    The Lord said, “The spirit of racism has been a hidden but deadly enemy, if there is no change then our country will find itself in a serious encounter and caught off guard by a possible more serious attack. There are those who are looking for an opportunity to strike.” PRAY

The Lord said to look up the scriptures that contain HOLD FAST!! (Job 27:6, Jeremiah 8:5, I Thessalonians 5:21, 2 Timothy 1:13, Hebrews 3:6.) All of them were powerful scriptures.

The Word of Wisdom---Cast your nets on the right side of the boat.

John 21:6 And he said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. They cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.

Cast your nets on right side of the boat----the Lord said, “This is only one of many revelations of this word.  The word is multi-dimensional. I will direct you on how to obtain the things that you will need through my word of instruction that would provide you with information to obtain what you need. The instructions may be perceived by man as unconventional but that very word will the right word that you need to hear to obtain what you need. When the obedience to my word is followed--miraculous results take place.”

“The right side/the other side—in order to receive this kind of miracle one’s thinking needs to change. People have been focused upon doing things their way or the traditional old way without seeking me for my instructions. On too many occasions people look to man’s formula for resolutions to dilemmas instead of following My word. This has called many to err. This has limited their ability to achieving and overcoming things. When there is a dilemma—Seek me for fresh instructions and you will see the miraculous.”