Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Execution Delayed

Execution Delayed
An Israeli press report is stating that Iran has put off the execution of brother Youcef. We are working to confirm this information. It states that Youcef was set to be executed today and that they have delayed it. But they have not said how long it has been delayed. Please continue to pray, tweet and contact your government officials.
If this is a fact then Iran has done two things; 1. They have acknowledged that he is under the death sentence for apostasy. 2. They have acknowledge that an execution order was signed.
But it only states that the execution was delayed not cancelled. We need to continue to earnestly pray. They did not announce that the execution was to take place today so they may execute him any other day since they state it was merely delayed. Please pray and pass the word to others to do the same.
So that you are aware of the grace of God, we can tell you that Youcef and his family are both doing well. They are remaining faithful to Christ and standing strong in Him. 

In Christ,

Jason DeMars
Present Truth Ministries
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